Corporations and Businesses

Drumming workshops develop group cohesiveness, build energized teams and enhance communication.  Teams embrace new challenges with confidence.

We can provide your employees with

  1. Interactive drumming - team building, diversity training, communication skills, stress management

  2. African drumming performances - functions, conferences, events

Community Drum Experiences

These experiences are effective for efforts focused on building community.  We use techniques that bring together multiple drums with the many personalities of participants and offer an experience that gives everyone a voice.  These workshops are useful as stand-alone experiences or when blended into situations as a facilitation tool for group decision-making.

Social Groups and Drumming for fun

Drumming is an experience that brings an energy of joy to any occasion.  It is a unique activity that can be easily fit into ordinary gatherings to give friends and family an extraordinary experience.  

No special skills are required to participate.  The ultimate goal is to have a great time.

Health and Wellbeing
Studies have shown the benefits of drumming.  It is an effective tool for stress release, meditation, and therapy. Drumming gives one a sense of confidence and immediate accomplishment.  People are happier when they drum.  Happy people are healthier people.

  1. Support Groups  Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

  2. Patient Groups

  3. Senior Citizen Groups

  4. Stress Management & Morale

Schools and Youth Groups

Rhythm exploration is a powerful way to inspire and nurture the creative voice. I use African drumming as a tool for discovery and development.  Rhythm based activities create a non-competitive inclusive environment in which all children can thrive.

DrummingWorks workshops are fun, exciting, inspiring and informative.

Drums and percussion classes are used to

  1. build individual confidence and create co-operative spirit

  2. enhance communication and listening skills

  3. provide a non-competitive environment for creative expression

Spring Convocation Address at Union College


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“Joan,  Everyone had a great time during your workshop! Your ability to make everyone feel relaxed provided the stress-free time we all needed.
I hope you will attend our work session next year.”

Contact Joan Brannon


“Joan offered a truly motivating drumming experience at a conference for library directors.  Within minutes, she had a group who'd previously had no relationship to the drum, enjoying creating rhythms and having a great time while doing it.  Her visit set the tone for an uplifting conclusion to the rest of our day of workshops.”

Ruthie Maslin, Director Madison County Libraries

“This summer Joan Brannon conducted a two hour drum workshop during an outdoor community festival. Though music blared from huge speakers throughout the park, Joan and her group of drummers with ease created a circle of joyful expression. In this very busy park all other sounds disappeared as the drum circle became a focal point for a positive sharing of spirit.  All ages were welcome into the circle and effortlessly introduced to rhythms they could play. Among even those as young as 4 or 5,  I could see a strong sense of accomplishment and exuberance from each being able to join into a circle where music was being made. Joan Brannon has a distinct gift as an artist and educator.”  Julia Youngblood, ArtsReach, The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts